Covid 19

Back in early March, our staff and volunteers were enthusiastically preparing for what we expected to be a great season. Little did we know that in a few short weeks Covid 19 would result in countless lives being lost, many hearts being broken and most of the world in lockdown.

Lockdown and social distancing measures are proving successful in saving lives and protecting our health and key workers. Our railway family would very much like to thank them all for their exceptional work.

Lockdown and social distancing have of course resulted in the closure to the public of many businesses, including our own. It is becoming increasingly obvious that a lockdown (in some form or another) may be in effect for some time and that social distancing is likely to play a part in our lives until a vaccine is found.

The government response to Covid 19 has allowed us to reduce some overheads, provided us the opportunity to furlough 90% of our staff and given us the Small Business Grant.

However, we still have regular financial outgoings and no income whatsoever to provide for them. Major projects involving Fairburn 42085 and Ivatt 46441 are on hold as are projects planned to benefit our visitors and the environment. In all of our 47 years of operation, we have never been in such an uncertain position.

If we are permitted to commence passenger services later this year, and those services do not provide sufficient funds to take us through to Easter 2021, we could find ourselves in a more awkward position than currently, especially if help from government is not so readily forthcoming.

We realise you would not be on our website at this time if you were not interested in L&HR and how it is coping. We also very much understand that for the great majority of UK residents times are hard and financial security is in doubt. However, if any of you feel that you can support the railway through this crisis, we would all be very grateful.

We really hope that in due course we will be back in operation in our usual way, welcoming people of all ages (and our four legged friends) to enjoy our wonderful railway. It is only through your patronage and support that our railway can continue to thrive and play its important part in our local economy.

Thank you

Stay safe and well
From all at L&HR

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