D5301, Class 26 (BRCW)

4th March 2013

Facts & Figures

Name & Number D5301 (26001)
Class BR Class 26
Wheel Arrangement Bo-Bo type 2
Built 1958, Birmingham, BRCW Co.
Driving Wheels 3′ 7″
Horse Power 1160hp
Tractive Effort 42,000lbs
Previous Owners British Railways
MC Metals


D5301 was one of a batch of 20 Type 2s built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company (BRCW for short) of Smethwick in Birmingham. The first 20 BRCW Type 2s (numbered D5300 to D5319) were delivered to the Eastern Region for suburban working out of Kings Cross. D5301 being delivered in September 1958.

Further BRCW Type 2s were delivered new to the Scottish Region and in 1960, the first 20 were also transferred there, with D5300 to D5306 being modified to work merry-go-round (MGR) trains. This entailed fitting dual brakes, slow speed control and the removal of the train heating boiler.

Throughout the 1980s these MGR workings were gradually replaced by Class 56 locomotives, so these Class 26s, along with those based at Inverness, were transferred to Eastfield depot in Glasgow where they worked small trip and engineer’s trains.

After the closure of the Eastfield depot in 1992 they were transferred back to Inverness for Kyle of Lochalsh specials in 1993, after which they were stored in the Milburn Yard.

In August 1995, these locomotives were sent to “MC Metals” in Glasgow for disposal, but along with 26025, they were saved for preservation. D5301 went to the Scottish Railway Preservation Society’s diesel weekend at Bowness in August 1996, after which it was transferred down to Haverthwaite.

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