1245 (Barclay)


Facts & Figures

Name & Number 1245
Class Andrew Barclay
Wheel Arrangement 0-6-0T
Built 1911, Kilmarnock
Driving Wheels 3′ 7″
Cylinders 18″ by 24″
Tractive Effort Unknown
Previous Owners Carron Iron Company
National Coal Board
Thomas Muir Metal Merchant


This locomotive was delivered to the Carron Iron Company, Falkirk and given locomotive number 14, where it worked until 1947. Following this, it was tranferred to the company’s site at Bannockburn to work on the Coke Ovens, and in 1949 its ownership was transferred to the National Coal Boards Bannockburn Colliery, where it continued to work until a major rebuild in 1959 at the Alloa Central Workshops.

It was given the new designation of number 10 and spend the remainder of the 1960s working between the Michael Colliery and Wellesley Colliery in Fife.

In 1972 the locomotive was retired and sold for scrap to Thomas Muir Metal Merchants, who moved it to their Thornton yard in Fife for a short while before being put into longer term storage, with four other Andrew Barclay locomotives, at their yard in Kirkaldy.

For the next 30 years the locomotive was totally neglected, until 2004 when, despite its appearance, it was purchased and moved to the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway for restoration. Work was intensive but 19 months later, repainted in an eye-catching Caledonian Blue livery, it steamed to Lakeside for the first time.