2333, ‘David’ (Barclay)

4th March 2013

Facts & Figures

Name & Number 2333, ‘David’
Class Barclay
Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0ST
Built 1953, Kilmarnock
Driving Wheels 3′ 7″
Cylinders 16″ by 24″
Tractive Effort 19,900lbs
Previous Owners Millom Ironworks


Like locomotive 1245, 2333 was built at the Andrew Barclay Sons & Co. and delivered to the Millom Ironworks on the River Duddon estuary in Cumberland on the 25th January 1953.

After being sold privately for preservation it was sent to Steamtown, Carforth in 1971 where it was nicknamed “David” and steamed regularly at weekends to haul passengers.

On being resold to the Walker family of Millom, it came to Haverthwaite on the 14th March 1978.

David is smaller and lighter than some of the other locomotives, and so is now used for piloting duties and on off-peak service trains.

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