2682, ‘Princess’ (Bagnall)


Facts & Figures

Name & Number 2682, ‘Princess’
Class Bagnall
Wheel Arrangement 0-6-0ST
Built 1942, Stafford
Driving Wheels 3′ 6″
Cylinders 16″ by 24″
Tractive Effort 23,879lbs
Previous Owners Preston Corporation


Princess was the prototype of a small class of powerful shunting engines produced by W.G. Bagnall & Co Ltd, of Stafford, capable of developing a tractive effort of 22,382 lbs.

Princess is unusual for an industrial type of locomotive in that it is fitted with steam heating apparatus, the reason for this being it was used for warming the vans of the Geest Company’s bananas imported from the West Indies, the maintenance of correct storage temperatures being critical.

Princess now surprises many people by its prodigious feats of haulage and sustained steaming ability. It performs regularly and economically to the rigorous high season timetable with a five or even six-coach train. Apart from being somewhat “light on its feet” which gives it a tendancy to slip when on greasy rails with a big load, it is a firm favourite with its crews.