2996, ‘Victor’ (Bagnall)


Facts & Figures

Name & Number 2996, ‘Victor’
Class Bagnall
Wheel Arrangement 0-6-0ST
Built 1951, Stafford
Driving Wheels 4′ 3″
Cylinders 18″ by 24″
Tractive Effort 25,250lbs
Previous Owners Mr Ormandy (private owner)
Steel Company of Wales (SCOW)
Austin Motor Company


Possibly one of the most advanced industrial steam locomotives built in the UK by W. G. Bagnall & Co Ltd, works number 2996 was one of three locomotives ordered by the Steel Company of Wales (SCOW) for their Abbey, Margam and Port Talbot works in 1950.

At SCOW, the locomotive was given running number 403 and, with its two sister engines, performed above and beyond the requirements of its original design. However, in 1957 all three were replaced by diesels and 2996 was sold, with sister 2994, to the Austin Motor Company Ltd. (later to become British Leyland) for use at their Longbridge plant in Birmingham.

At Austin’s, the locomotives were named “Victor” and “Vulcan”, and continued in service until late 1973 when they were sold on to West Somerset Railway and used to kick-start the newly preserved railway’s steam services, with “Victor” hauling the “Directors Special” first train in December 1975, then in 1988 ‘2996’ went to the Strathspey Railway for a time then on to the Great Central Railway (Nottingham section) at Ruddington.

In 2009, “Victor” was privately purchased for use on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway where it underwent extensive restoration.  It is now regularly in service.