3698, ‘Repulse’ (Hunslett)


Facts & Figures

Name & Number 3698, ‘Repulse’
Class Hunslett, Austerity
Wheel Arrangement 0-6-0ST
Built 1950, Leeds
Driving Wheels 4′ 3″
Cylinders 18″ by 26″
Tractive Effort 23,879lbs
Previous Owners National Coal Board


Named after the World War II battle cruiser, Repulse had an arduous and adventurous career working for the North Western Area of the National Coal Board.

The locomotive was completely worn out mechanically when withdrawn from service in 1975 at Whitehaven, following closure of the Ladysmith washery and the lifting of the lines between there and the Haig Collery.

The engine was purchased from the scrap merchant just a week before being due to cut at the Ladysmtih site, and delivered to Haverthwaite in August 1976.

The renovation proved to be something of a challenge, but now repaired and equipped with a vacuum brake system, Repulse has proved to be a valuable addition to the locomotive stock.