42085 (BR Fairburn)


Facts & Figures

Name & Number 42085
Class BR Fairburn, 4MT
Wheel Arrangement 2-6-4T
Built 1951, Brighton
Driving Wheels 5′ 9″
Cylinders 195/8” by 26″
Tractive Effort 24,670lbs
Previous Owners British Railways


42085 was at first allocated to Brighton and later in the same year to Stewarts Lane, just missing 42073 by three months.

In March 1952, just over a year after its building (incidentally with a 1949 boiler), it was transferred to Heaton (Gateshead) and later that same year to Darlington.

Scarborough followed in 1955; Whitby and Manningham in 1956; Whitby again in 1958, York in 1959 and Darlington in 1961.

In 1964 during its last heavy general repair at Crewe works, it was fitted with the repaired boiler from 42105. 1965 saw it leave Darlington for Manningham (in the Leeds area), and its final move to Normington took place in April 1967.