7120, Class 11 (English Electric)


Facts & Figures

Name & Number 7120 (AD601)
Class LMS, Class 11
Wheel Arrangement 0-6-0DE
Built 1945, Derby, English Electric
Driving Wheels 4′ 1/2
Horse Power 350hp
Tractive Effort 33,000lbs
Previous Owners LMSR British Railways
Royal Corps of Transport


Built by the LMSR (London, Midland and Scottish Railway), locomotive number 7120 was one of a batch of 30 locomotives constructed at their Derby works between 1945 and 1948.

Powered by a 350hp English Electric 6KT 4-stroke diesel engine (with 6 cylinders of 10″ bore by 12″ stroke – 254mm by 305mm), this design of locomotive is actually a “diesel-electric”, as the wheels are connected by two axle-hung, nose-suspended, 430V traction motors driven from a generator connected to the engine.