Diesel Multiple Unit, Class 110 (BRCW)


Facts & Figures

Name & Number DMBC 52071
DMC 52077
Class BR Class 110
Wheel Arrangement DMU
Built 1961, Birmingham, BRCW Co.
Horse Power 2 x 180hp (Rolls Royce)
Previous Owners British Railways


The two-car class 110 diesel multiple unit (DMU) was part of an original fleet of 30 “Calder Valley” units built for British Railways (BR) in 1961 by the Birmingham Railways Carriage and Wagon Company Ltd. (BRCW) – the same builders as another locomotive resident at Haverthwaite, D5301.

Having been built as three-car sets, the unpowered center trailer vehicles were withdrawn in the early 1980s, leaving only the driver car, each of which is equipped with two 180hp Rolls-Royce engines. The “Calder Valley” DMUs were regular performers on many lines on both sides of the Pennines, and were originally allocated to the Eastern and London Midland Regions of BR.

The Lakeside & Haverthwaite set was aquired from Leeds Neville Hill depot, having been made redundant on the introduction of second generation ‘Pacer’ and ‘Sprinter’ DMUs.